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Most of us work with feathers, so cloudstar-wolf wrote this very important little reminder for us regarding some legal issues with having/selling feathers. This really is important info, and well worth looking at!!

I did this for my LJ, but I think it also works for the group too since we were discussing it. Kinda a quick read and to the point about feathers and legality.

cause it's been expressed.

This is the list of illegal feathers in the United States. There are other laws concerning parts outside the US, and there are seperate laws for taxidermists who have permits and for educators. But these are the feathers that you can not have.

List of Illegal to own birds/parts/feathers in a PDF:…

The known exceptions to this are legally taken candian geese, you can not pick up a feather and claim it, it has to have a traceable permit. They can not be sold, bartered or traded. Meaning just gifts. They can be sold for BEDDING and for FLY TYING ( and yes, fly tie people get away with A LOT).

Turkeys are a-okay and pheasants. No pigeons, no corvids( jays, crows, ravens...) no songbirds ; the list of exceptions is WAY shorter than the list of “not alright”.

Non-native species are okay. There's nothing to limit buying macaw feathers and parakeets and any number of pet birds. But if you buy outside the US you have to also make sure that it's legal from the country you're getting the feathers FROM and the country you are bringing them to- there might be permits and other permissions that cost money for you bring those objects to the states or to send them off, and even then you might not be allowed to send things.

State laws are completely different. As in Alaska- the laws are MUCH stricter. All feathers that are sold in the stores have an 'out of country clause'... even duck feathers. The goose feathers sold are from China and you can tell the difference because the quill is completely white and not greyish like a canadian goose.

If you have ANY questions at all... contact your local Fish and Game people. They like the honesty and the curiousity and the want to make a thing right. By contacting them you are putting your tax dollars to use even if you want to get technical... ^^. So think of it that way, maybe a little more to do. But better educated about what is alright and what is clearly not.


Thank you very much cloudstar-wolf!!